Waverly Bracelet (Wide)

Waverly Bracelet (Wide)

Ronaldo Jewelry
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Three white pearls serve as the centerpiece for this beautifully elegant bracelet from Ronaldo Designer Jewelry. They're wrapped in a 14k gold artist wire band, making this piece a real standout in any fine jewelry collection.

  • 14k gold artist wire, pearl
  • Hook and loop clasp
  • 14K Gold Artist wire is a 14/20 gold-filled wire. This metal is manufactured by a melting process which combines the mixture into a fully gold form, meaning there is no plating or gold film added to the exterior.

    .925 Sterling Silver will tarnish after it is exposed to moisture in the air and oils on the skin. We suggest regular cleaning to keep its appearance.

    Washing with a mild soap and water and drying thoroughly is the best way to clean Ronaldo jewelry. With any metal, always avoid any harsh chemical cleaners and try to store in a moisture-proof container or jewelry box. All of Ronaldo metals are nickel-free.